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Smoking is a habit deeply engraved from years of smoking behavior. Hypnosis deals with the subconscious mind, where your habit exists. Your subconscious mind responds to the demands of your conscious mind. When you say "I can't quit", this actually becomes a goal to which the subconscious responds, and therefor - you really can't quit. By attending our Quit Smoking Program, we assume you have the desire to quit. When we suggest that you are no longer a cigarette smoker to your subconscious mind, you respond by creating a new positive habit of non-smoking. You will leave the session a non-smoker. Cigarettes will no longer be an important part of your life.

If you have this cough you can be sure of one thing - no matter how seemingly innocent, that cigarette cough is a danger signal. The familiar hacking that greets the morning and punctuates so many smokers' lives scarcely noticeable in the beginning, but often turning into a raucous bark, is actually a command - GET TO A DOCTOR for a complete respiratory examination before it is too late.

The trivial cough increases to a chronic condition. It is often the first warning of lung cancer or emphysema. Lung cancer alone will kill 84,000 Americans this year. The cigarette cough is a desperate final warning. By the time lung cancer has developed to the point where it shows up in a chest x-ray,

it is too late.

For the sake of loved ones as well as yourself, remember this - the trivial morning cough may well be the only warning of serious danger. Persons who want to stop smoking have found hypnosis effective in eliminating the familiar "cold turkey" experience, instead of replacing cigarettes with food or bursts of nervous tension, a feeling of relaxed well being is experienced. Our hypnotic formula has been successful in eliminating the smoking habit. No matter how many cigarettes a day you smoke or how long you've been hooked, hypnosis is the answer.

The technique that we use includes hypnosis, self-hypnosis, relaxation and conditioning. They are the strongest forms of persuasion known to mankind. Additional information is available on hypnosis and

self-hypnosis as the only way to quit smoking without terrible "withdrawal symptoms".

Do you have a smokers cough?   Hypnosis will help you become a non-smoker!

Quit Smoking Program