Acquiring and maintaining proper eating habits. Many people suffer from mental obstacles that lead to failure after failure when trying fad diets, diet pills and weight loss programs. You may have been physically prepared, but not mentally prepared. Through hypnosis, sub-conscious signals, known as post-hypnotic suggestion, can overcome the "built-in" obstacles that are keeping you from being the person you want to be. In just one session, you will gain confidence and self-control without feeling deprived, irritable, or depressed - and without stress.

Do you think "Bikini" is just an island in the Pacific? Do you shudder when you approach the scale?

If so,Hypnosis Institute can help to show you the way to a more beautiful you, inside and out.

We have found the formula to your success. Our weight problem is designed to enable you to shed pounds and trim effortlessly. It can help you to avoid certain foods and to get more satisfaction out of the food you should be eating. It will help avoid those midnight refrigerator raids. Compulsive eating is just like trying to kick the smoking habit, that feeling of constantly thinking about cigarettes instead you are thinking about food.

Hypnosis can also counteract the boredom, tension and anxiety so often associated with overeating by producing a relaxed feeling.

The Hypnosis Institute believes that overeating is a compulsive behavioral problem. If overweight

people are unhappy, they eat; if bored, they eat; if over anxious, they eat. Crash dieting and pills do

not work,  the weight quickly returns. It is the behavioral problems which must be changed and the Hypnosis Help Institute Is here to help.

Evette Kaye, director of the program, points out that 86% of the patients of the Hypnosis Institute reach their target weight after using the short-term hypnosis program. Some patients may need further sessions to reach and maintain their goal.

Through hypnosis you can break these habits:

Eating rich and fattening foods
Eating in between meals
Eating when bored or alone
"Cheating eating"
Eating when upset or angry
Snacking late at night
Eating when tense or nervous
Eating to reward or punish oneself
"It didn't work for me" eating
Eating, eating, eating ...

These behaviors and many others are overcome through positive reinforcements established in hypnosis sessions. Smaller meals become sufficient. "Emotional eating" is greatly reduced. And you are given a significantly increased chance of becoming slender and staying that way ... PERMANENTLY.

Hypnosis is your best solution. Pre-established motivation takes the place of will power and the results are a more attractive and slender you.

Nutritional guidance is also provided which helps you set realistic goals and successfully attain your weight loss objective.

The Key to achieving a slimmer you

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Hypnosis is the answer. Be a looser and love it.

Permanent Weight Control Program